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I suck at drawing. Luckily, my brother was blessed with the ability, so I’ve been able to enjoy watching someone talented draw for most of my life, which I’ve enjoyed because I love “traditional” drawn art.
Proof positive that if you tackle a tough topic with relentless consistency, you’re guaranteed to find success.

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When you see comments that are alive, interesting, and readers discuss back and forth amongst themselves (along with the blogger), don’t you *want* to be involved?
I heard what you have to say! You bring up an excellent point and I’ve wondered the same thing. I think comments are definitely heard even when it is a busy conversation. Even if the author does not have the bandwidth to respond to every single comment, other commenters that are subscribed can jump into the conversation like you and I are doing now.
One thing I’ve always wondered is… why don’t more commenters get into discussions with other commenters? There are so many good points to expand on in a lively conversation.

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1:9 And God said, "Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear." And i t was so.
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"The Russian authorities' heartless closure of Human Rights Center Memorial, an organization that has assisted thousands of individuals in times of crisis both at home and abroad for 30 years, represents yet another blow to Russia's civil society movement after years of relentless attacks," said Struthers, who criticized the "spurious accusations" against the organization.
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